What is More Than Awareness?

More Than Awareness is a not-for-profit organisation created to help people, especially in rural areas, improve mental, physical and social wellbeing. It’s not enough to raise awareness of people’s struggles. For example, knowing suicide is the leading cause of death in people under the age of 44 in Australia, and being concerned about that, doesn’t change it. More Than Awareness takes evidence-based action to reduce suicide and improve health outcomes for individuals, families, workplaces and community groups. Our work is designed to raise people’s knowledge, skills and confidence so that they make real change and live to their full potential.

MTA delivers practical and culturally appropriate strategies. Our work is informed by best contemporary research, experience from people working in the field and community preferences and values. We also work to contribute research and experience back to the body of evidence to achieve continuous improvement and inform future endeavours.

Communities care, and so do we. More than awareness delivers interventions back to the community that raises funds: addressing local issues identified by, and important to them. We collaborate with local key opinion leaders, service providers and community groups to ensure the work we do is relevant, meaningful and inclusive. We acknowledge, and work to address, unique local community needs.

Awareness is good, and it’s a first step, but More Than Awareness is about empowering everyday people like YOU to create tangible outcomes for real positive change. We work with individuals, families, schools, public and private sector workplaces, sporting clubs, businesses, and community groups. Get behind us and let us work together to really change people’s lives for the better!

  • We raise more than awareness
  • We raise peoples’ knowledge, skills and confidence
  • Our work comes from the best available evidence to improve health and reduce suicide
  • We contribute back to the body of evidence to inform future endeavours
  • We work with local communities for local communities and tailor initiatives to meet community needs
  • The community that raises money sees the benefits back in their community
  • Our programs support individuals, families, schools, private and public sector workplaces and community groups to reach their full potential