Working with local communities for local communities

We work across diverse communities to meet unique local needs. Our staff are highly qualified, experienced and they care about making a difference. Just like the people we work with. We work with schools, sporting clubs, individuals, families and workplaces to raise knowledge, confidence and skills to improve mental, physical and social wellbeing and reduce suicide. All of work comes from the best contemporary research and our academic links mean that we contribute back to the body of evidence to inform future endeavours.

Communities care and so do we. That’s why it’s our pledge that any community that works to raise funds sees the benefits come back to their local community – in ways in which they see important. More Than Awareness collaborates with local key opinion leaders, service providers and community groups to understand unique community needs and deliver interventions which are relevant, inclusive and meaningful.

It’s all about empowering everyday people like YOU to make a difference in YOUR COMMUNITY.