Founder and Managing Director

Meg Perceval
BMedSci, DipPM, Level 2 Yoga Teacher, Grad Cert. Yoga Therapy, PhD Candidate (Rural Wellbeing & Suicide Prevention)

Meg will complete her PhD in rural wellbeing and suicide prevention in 2018 with the Australian Institute of Suicide Research and Prevention (AISRAP), Griffith University. She has presented her research findings nationally and internationally and has been recognised for her suicide prevention work with a Stuartholme School Alumnae Award for Career Excellence, a NSW Legislative Assembly Commendation for Community Suicide Prevention and a University Staff Excellence Award for Community Engagement. Meg combines a strong research background with over ten years practical experience working in rural suicide prevention. She has facilitated wellbeing and suicide prevention workshops, training and presentations for thousands of participants over the course of her career with a focus on workplaces and community groups. Meg also works in small groups, within workplaces, schools and on an individual basis as a qualified Yoga Therapist to assist individuals towards better health for a variety of physical and mental illnesses and conditions. “The rate of suicide in Australia is simply unacceptable, particularly in rural areas. We need more than awareness.” Meg is committed to seeing rural communities and individuals flourish and loves her work.

Communications Director

Bridget Jung

Bridget Jung works as a Creative Director at Ogilvie, Sydney. Bridget brings extensive international experience in marketing and advertising, having worked for many years in London and particularly Paris. Now back on Australian soil, having grown up in Brisbane, Bridget has always had, and continues to have, close family ties to rural Australia. As Director of MTA (Communications), Bridget is keen to put hard working communications to work, going beyond messaging to drive positive behavioural change.

Finance Director

Lisa Daw

Lisa is a partner at Crowe Horwath, a national accounting firm. She has lived and worked in rural and regional areas for over two decades. Lisa is delighted to be involved as a Director of MTA (Finance) as she loves to see innovation drive healthy people, businesses and communities.

Academic Director

Professor Prasuna Reddy 

Professor Prasuna Reddy is Associate Dean (International and Advancement) and Professor of Mental Health and Implementation Science with the Faculty of Health, University of Technology, Sydney. A focus of her work is enhancing health and wellbeing. Professor Reddy has overseen many successful rural, regional and urban projects, and she has extensive national and international research experience. As Director of MTA (Academic) Prasuna wants to drive evidence-based action and comprehensive evaluation to inform future endeavours.